The Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is standardised, computer-delivered test used as a criterion for admissions to general graduate-level degree programmes in the United States.

The GRE® Test features question types that closely reflect the kind of thinking you will do — and the skills you need to succeed — in today's demanding graduate and business school programs. The test-taker friendly design lets you skip questions within a section, go back and change answers and have the flexibility to choose which questions within a section you want to answer first.

The GRE Test measures your verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking and analytical writing skills — skills that have been developed over a long period of time and are not related to a specific field of study but are important for all. GRE Test has three test sections — Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Analytical Writing.

GRE® Test Content and Structure

The overall testing time for the computer-delivered GRE® Test is about three hours and 45 minutes. There are six sections with a 10-minute break following the third section.


Number of Questions

Allotted Time

Analytical Writing
(One section with two separately timed tasks)

One "Analyze an Issue" task and one "Analyze an Argument" task

30 minutes per task

Verbal Reasoning
(Two sections)

20 questions per section

30 minutes per section

Quantitative Reasoning
(Two sections)

20 questions per section

35 minutes per section

The Analytical Writing section will always be first. The Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and unidentified/unscored sections may appear in any order; therefore, you should treat each section as if it counts toward your score.


As with other test preparation courses, we provides GRE® mock tests for our students three times during the course on Sundays. These practice tests are very similar to the actual tests and play a vital role in improving students' scores on the actual tests.


  • 3 additional full-length computer based tests
  • Ample additional handouts
  • Complimentary course materials
  • CD's for home practice
  • Techniques that help students learn better and faster
  • Well-trained instructors


Class Time: 7-9 

Monday to Friday
Course Fee: Rs. 25,000/-

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